Bruno's key issues get to the heart and soul of The Treasure Coast.  

  • First on everyone's minds is the health of the Indian River lagoon.  In 2016 we've seen double the discharges compared to the lost summer of 2013.  Other candidates have promised fixer-upper style solutions that are no better than a finger in the dam.  Bruno will consider NO OPTION that doesn't consider the necessity of sending the water south.  Enforcement of the "polluter's Pay" Amendment is crucial. 

  • The most critical component of curtailing violent crime across the Treasure Coast is to thwart the evolution of first-time offenders into career criminals.  Pairing first-timers up with job mentors who can instill work ethic and skills knowledge will drive these young men and women to lift themselves up out of their individual situations.  Let's give job offers, not plea deals.

  • Our country, and our state, is founded on the rule of law.  As such, every law, right and privilege afforded to one person should be afforded to all.  The right for two consenting adults of ANY gender to marry MUST be included in this. 

  • No veteran should go hungry or homeless.  Bruno's idea calls for a comprehensive look into veteran support at a state level.  He will fight for the dollars needed to operate such a service.  

  • ​A full time employee should not be living in poverty.  Bruno proposes raising the minimum wage to $13 an hour.

The Indian River, though breathtaking in her beauty, suffers the consequences of bought- and- paid-for leaders.

Workers should not be punished for choosing career paths that don't represent the American Ideal.  Waiters, cooks, maids and drive thru attendants deserve a living wage.

Old style apprenticeships teaching work ethic and trade skills should be the first stop for first-time non violent offenders.

No veteran should go homeless or hungry.

Bruno Moore for District 25 State Senate