Bruno Moore for District 25 State Senate 

My opponent Joe Negron has been a supporter of the Sugar Industry for quite some time and his employer Gunster Law Firm lobbies for two of the most politically volatile entities in our State Senate District, US Sugar and All Aboard Florida.  Each of these connections poses serious conflict of interest  questions.  The sugar industry is largely responsible for  back pumping fertilizer rich water into Lake Okeechobee, contributing to massive algae blooms that threaten our ecosystem and All Aboard Florida continues to push for passenger train service through our district with no stops, causing property value free falls and hazardous traffic conditions and freight safety concerns.  Mr. Negron has come out against AAF and claims he opposes US Sugar influence in politics.  His past actions prove otherwise. While he sits idle in Tallahassee, disastrous toxic algae threatens our rivers and beaches.  I will fight to convince our legislature to act on a plan to purchase land to send water south and introduce legislation forcing their hand, if need be.  I will also stand shoulder to shoulder with environmental advocates to pressure our lackluster friends in the legislature into instituting a comprehensive plan to offset discharges and empower local municipalities to have a more progressive role in local water management issues.  I'd advocate for impartial appointments to the South Florida Water Management District and allocate Amendment 1 money for what it was truly intended.  I'd also encourage enforcement of polluter laws already on Florida's books.

Our Indian River Lagoon faces a crisis not seen since Florida's 2010 Deep Water Horizon disaster that clogged Panhandle beaches with millions of gallons of oil, killing off fish, wildlife and Florida's Panhandle economy.  A bought-and-paid-for State Legislature, a power abusing lobbyist infrastructure and disingenuous leadership have merged together to allow the perfect storm of disaster to slip through our waterways and onto our shores.  Already, blue green algae blooms have closed area beaches, driven away tourists and toxified the water while elected officials throw stop-gap projects into the wind,hoping they'll scatter across the region and impress voters.  Real action will not be taken until real leadership is demanded from those we elected, or until those we elect truly lead.  A change is coming November 8th.  Election day is your chance to choose real leadership.